Missouri State University-West Plains
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Weather Policy

The general policy for weather is that classes will not be canceled because of inclement weather. Students should use their own good judgment regarding travel when weather conditions are questionable. Students do not need to call the administrative offices or their instructors if they cannot attend classes because of weather conditions. Faculty members are encouraged to allow make-up work for classes missed because of weather conditions

However, in extreme conditions classes may be canceled. Faculty, staff and students should call the Missouri State-West Plains Weather Hotline at (417) 255-8075 for information regarding the status of Missouri State-West Plains classes, Mountain Grove extended campus classes and Missouri State Springfield Outreach classes.

An official announcement will be issued through the local radio stations and Springfield television stations only if Missouri State-West Plains and Mountain Grove extended campus classes are canceled. In addition, a message will be posted on the Weather Hotline at (417) 255-8075, the Missouri State-West Plains website and sent out through the Missouri State Alert system.

Unless and until an official “classes canceled” announcement is issued, faculty members are expected to hold classes as usual and employees should assume that activities will continue as normal.

When University classes are canceled due to severe weather, a decision will be made as to whether offices will also be closed. If a decision is made to close the University or to cancel day classes, details will be posted on the weather hotline and the Missouri State-West Plains website and sent out via Missouri State Alert by 7:00 a.m. Since the decision to cancel day classes due to inclement weather does not pertain to evening classes or second or third shift employees, a separate decision will be made by 3 p.m. If classes are canceled and/or offices closed, an official announcement will be issued through the weather hotline, public media (television and radio) and through the Missouri State-West Plains homepage at http://wp.missouristate.edu/.

Employees can see the full Severe Weather Closing Policy for more information.